About Covered CA Brokers

CoveredCABrokers.com is a resource for consumers for the new health insurance exchange in California called Covered California. Starting in 2014 coverage will be available for all Californians regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Covered CA Brokers is here to help you navigate the new insurance landscape and decide what the best health plan is for your unique situation.

  • Coverage available regardless of pre-existing conditions
  • Subsidies available to help lower the cost of health insurance
  • As insurance agents and brokers we are here to help individuals, families and business owners sort through the array of health insurance plans available to find one that fits our client’s needs and budget.

    The process of researching health plans on your own can be daunting and many can benefit from some professional assistance.

    There is no additional charge and no fee for using the services of an agent or broker in California. Agents and brokers are paid a commission by the health insurance company.

    Rates are the same whether you buy from an agent, broker or direct from the company. Government subsidies are available through the new health insurance exchanges and a good broker can help you secure all the subsidies you are eligible for.

    Brokers are independent, selling for multiple companies, and typically can provide more options and a broader view of the marketplace. Brokers will work with you to evaluate the major insurance carriers in your area on plan designs and cost. Don’t look for just the lowest premiums. Consider the breadth of the network to make sure all the employees have access to in-network physicians, and whether the carriers have good relationships with physicians..